About the project


“Raising the awareness of the professional groups consisting of creators, artists, producers, managers and employees of music labels concerning digital music distribution and exploiting its promotional and sales potential (including export outside the EU)”.

This pioneering research and education project was designed to support the entire European music industry in the context of the most advanced markets. Its main goal was to increase knowledge about digital music distribution and to develop unique educational tools to help achieve better promotional and financial results. The Project was conducted under the Erasmus+ program and involved Independent Digital as the Project Leader (Poland) and Partners from France, Germany, Luxembourg and Great Britain: respectively, Association Glukoz, Nagel-Heyer Records, HV.com International and The University of Westminster.


SEARCHING, or how to acquire knowledge about the market

The source of data for the analyses was qualitative research conducted in four countries among representatives of five professional groups – creators, artists, producers, managers and employees of music labels.

The research consisted of at least 100 anonymous in-depth interviews conducted with representatives of all the above groups.

The results of the research were included in a report that describes what people in the European music industry know about digital music distribution.


CREATING, or the path to the goal

The research results clearly and precisely defined the areas that need improvement. We thereby created a solid basis for entering the theoretical and practical educational stage of the project. We then compiled a pioneering compendium of knowledge entitled Guide to Digital Music Distribution – #GoOnline, together with a unique tool for its dissemination: an e-learning platform.


DISSEMINATION, or sharing the results

We wanted the results of our work to reach the widest possible group of people associated with the industry and to exert a real impact on improving their competencies and increasing their chances of operating effectively on the digital distribution market. Presentation and dissemination of the Project’s results constituted its final stage. We organized five conferences – two in Paris, one in Warsaw, one in Berlin and one in London. Our educational materials have been and continue to be promoted in the European media and at trade fairs, and they can be accessed via the Project website.


The University of Westminster – Great Britain – specialization: the British market
Located in the heart of London, the UoW has nearly 200 years’ tradition and about 19,000 students. The University is represented in the Project by Sally-Anne Gross, who has been associated with the music market for 30 years as a practitioner and lecturer. Sally-Anne conducts courses on management, artist development, copyright and intellectual property, among other subjects. Her research activities focus on issues such as managers’ and artists’ mental health as well as gender equality.

Association Glukoz – France, specialization: the French market
The main purpose of this young organization, founded in 2016, is to promote and disseminate culture centered around electronic music. The association is involved, inter alia, in booking, music production and promotion of DJs. Glukoz’s activities cover the whole of France, with an emphasis on the central regions and the Loire Valley, where it organizes concerts and events under the name “Glukoz Open Air”.

HV.com International – Luxembourg, specialization: the French market
This Luxembourg-based company was founded in 2000. Currently, it is primarily involved in synchronizing music with visual content in movies, games, websites and TV shows. The company’s roots lie in production and publishing, which it continues to this day. The company is a member of the music organization SACEM in Luxembourg.

Nagel Hayer Records – Germany, specialization: the German market
This German jazz label, based in Hamburg, was founded on September 26, 1992, on George Gershwin’s birthday. Its mission is to publish and promote contemporary and mainstream jazz. The company quickly made its mark thanks to its first production – a live session from a Gershwin concert in which George Masso, Randy Sandke, Kenny Devern and Danny Moss took part. The label now has over 200 jazz releases to its credit.